Honey Hill Farms

Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt

Non Fat Traditional Yogurt

Our Nonfat frozen yogurt flavors are made with the highest quality ingredients and specially blended for a smooth and creamy taste, sure to leave you customers smiling

Nonfat Tahitian Vanilla
Nonfat Birthday Cake
Nonfat Cheesecake
Nonfat Dreamy Dark Chocolate
Low Fat Tradional Yogurt

Treat your customers to these Low Fat yogurts for an unforgettable rich and creamy taste that will have them coming back for more

Low Fat Cookie's N Cream
Low Fat Sea Salt Carmel Pretzel
Non Fat/ No Sugar Added

Classic Nonfat, No Sugar Added flavors for a light frozen yogurt treat. These flavors are sweetened with Splenda®

Wild Strawberry
Nonfat Tahitian Vanilla (NSA)
Non Fat/ Non Dairy Sorbet

Exclusive sorbet flavors are a succulent and refreshing nonfat and non-dairy treat-the perfect remedy for a boiling hot summer's day

Nonfat-Non Dairy Mango Sorbet

We drive miles for your customer's smiles!