Point of Sale

                The term Point of Sale, refers to a marketing strategy, commonly known as point of purchase advertising. This idea attracts customers and entices them into buying products by utilizing displays with various types of signage. These displays can range from signs and banners to posters and flavor boards and should be eye-catching and engaging.
Point of sale marketing also generates new product awareness. POS is designed with different types of messages that will resonate with certain target audiences. Island Ice Cream Company has a wide variety of point of sale items that will create attention to new products and attract customers. 
-To view samples of our POS, please click on any link below.
Bulk Ice Cream & Water Ice - Flavor Boards and Flavor Strips, Posters, Window Cling-on’s, Banners, Product Displays, Product Danglers, Table Top Tents, Table Top Signs 
Soft Serve & Yogurt - Posters, Giant Cones, Machine Signs
Novelties - Decals, Decal Boards, Posters, Banners, Truck Signs, Table Top Tents
Beverages - Poster, Banners, Menu Boards, Table Top Signs
Desserts - Table Top Signs
Frozen Food Items - Posters, Product Danglers, Table Top Signs
*New for 2018* - Some items can have individual POS created by the Island Staff!  For any question regarding Island Ice Cream Company's POS items, call our office and ask our friendly customer service department members! (609) 522-0438 

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